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3 July 2024

New traning programs in industrial bioprocesses at CNETE!

Thinking of starting or expanding your operations in fermentative bioprocesses? Register for one of the two industrial bioprocess training courses (in French, in partnership with CRIBIQ, and in English, with the support of District 3) offered by CNETE this fall. 📅 Register by July 31, 2024! Training will begin in September 2024. 🎓 Benefit from […]

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CNETE’s mandate is to provide applied research, technical support, and information in order to help businesses craft and implement innovation projects, and develop new technology applications in the areas of bioprocess, membrane separation technology, and electrochemistry. To find out more, visit the CCTT’s website.

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Commitment to innovation

Take the opportunity to leverage CNETE’s culture of innovation and expertise to drive your innovation process. This is a culture with a strong focus on partnership and integrated project management, and it is inspired by solution-oriented innovation trends. This type of project management fosters horizontal development synergy between business partners and research centres in a variety of sectors.

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