2.4-litre bioreactor (4 units)

2.4-litre bioreactor (4 units)

Manufacturer: Eppendorf New Brunswick
Model: Bioflo 115


  • A 2.4 L bioreactor with a 2-litre working volume
  • Tanks enabling the addition of liquid (base, acid, antifoam, substrate feed)
  • Possibility to use batch, fed-batch, and continuous processing
  • Automated control system equipped with the New Brunswick interface and BioCommand software
  • Laboratory scale fermentation bioprocess exploratory studies and development

Examples of applications

  • Aerobic and anaerobic fermentation bioprocess development
  • Exploratory studies (O2 transfer rate tests, culture media tests)
  • Optimization of fermentation conditions (O2, ventilation, temperature, pH, agitation, and feed)
  • Preliminary assessment of bioprocessing needs
  • Assessment of bioprocess automation needs
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