7-litre anaerobic digesters

7-litre anaerobic digesters

Manufacturer: CNETE
Model: Custom


  • Six 7-litre digesters, with an effective working volume of 5 L
  • Mechanical blade agitation at a fixed speed of ~ 40 RPM
  • Fully watertight and made of stainless steel
  • Two-inch long inlet and outlet with valves for input and discharge
  • Outlet for gas collection in a Tedlar bag and septum for GC-TCD analysis
  • GCTCD biogas analysis (N2, O2, CO2, CH4) and FTIR (H2S)
  • Incubation in a temperature controlled or refrigerated bath ranging from 4 °C to 55 °C

Examples of applications

  • Maintenance of methanogen inoculum for the purpose of performing methane potential tests (BMP)
  • Continuous laboratory-scale process development (Fed-batch)
  • Methane production mechanical parameter optimization (OLR, HRT)
  • Methane production physical-chemical parameter optimization (pH, T°C, etc.)
  • Long-term toxicity and inhibition tests relating to certain inputs / co-inputs

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