Anaerobic chamber (in a nitrogen/CO2 atmosphere)

Anaerobic chamber (in a nitrogen/CO2 atmosphere)

Manufacturer: Shel Lab (Sheldon MFG Inc.)


  • Capacity to incubate 200 petri dishes on eight individual plates
  • Inside ambient air temperature between +5 °C and 70 °C, ± 0.25 °C
  • Continuous AMG gas purge (Anaerobic mixture gas, 5% H2, 20% CO2, 75 % N2)
  • Palladium catalyst for capturing residual oxygen
  • Wearing gloves is not required for handling inside the chamber
  • Lock with vacuum and nitrogen purge cycles to enter and take out material


  • Petri dishes containing facultative and obligate anaerobic strains
  • Liquid cultures not requiring stirring
  • Hypoxia tissue cultures
  • Oxygen-sensitive material

Examples of applications

  • Anaerobic microbiological tests
  • Anaerobic strain isolation
  • Screening tests of microorganisms (wild-type or recombinant); screening tests
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