Total organic carbon analyzer

Total organic carbon analyzer

Manufacturer : Shimadzu
Model : TOC-L


  • Total organic carbon quantitative analysis
  • 1 ppm limit of detection
  • Capacity to analyze 4 samples per hour (68 sample carousel tray)
  • Sensitivity of the apparatus: 1 mg/L to 30 g/L
  • NDIR (non-dispersive infra-red) detector


  • Liquids filtered through a 0.45 µm filter
  • Sample size: 40 mL
  • Volume of injection: 50 µL

Examples of applications

  • Measuring the organic compound absorption capacity for surfaces, media, and particles
  • Measuring organic matter biodegradation effectiveness
  • In membrane filtration, evaluating membranes’ organic matter elimination capacity
  • Evaluating the purity of a variety of biotechnological formulations
  • Organic compound monitoring during membrane filtration and purification processes
  • Analysis of compliance with waste water discharge and drinking water use standards
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