Biomethanation potential analysis system

Biomethanation potential analysis system

Manufacturer: Custom
Model: Custom


  • 60 bottles available, made of Borosilicate Duran® Schott glass
  • Liquid volume capacity ranging from 50 to 200 mL
  • Hermetically sealed, with robust aluminium septum and cap
  • Initial or continued anaerobic gas purging (N2 80% / CO2 20%)
  • Internal pressure tolerance of up to 10 psi
  • Biogas analysis by GC-TCD (N2, O2, CO2, CH4) and FTIR (H2S)
  • Measures the biogas pressure produced, using digital 0-3 or 0-15 psi nanometer.

Examples of applications

  • Assessment of the methanogen potential of organic inputs, in batch mode (~20 to 60 days)
  • Assessment of sludge and complex sample biodegradability
  • Monitoring of the effects of chemical/physical/enzyme treatment before biodigestion
  • Assessment of the toxicity/inhibition of certain inputs on microorganisms
  • Optimization of bioprocess input and co-input formulas and ratios
  • Validation and calibration of mathematical models of reactions
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