Gas chromatograph (GC-TCD) for gas analysis

Gas chromatograph (GC-TCD) for gas analysis

Manufacturer: Varian
Model: CP 3800


  • Quantitative gas analyses
  • Simultaneous analysis (N2, O2, H2, CO2, CH4)
  • Capacity to carry out 4 analyses per hour
  • Results expressed as the percentage content of gas in the sample
  • Dual column separation with a switching valve
  • Digital voltage change detector (TCD)


  • Gas
  • Sample size: 5 L or more
  • Injection: 2 to 5 mL

Examples of applications

  • Methanogenic digester monitoring
  • Identification of landfill gas
  • Analysis of gas biofilter performance

Assessing the purity of methane generated by anaerobic digestion

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