Pilot spray-drier

Pilot spray-drier

Manufacturer: Yamato
Model: DL410


  • Spray-drying of liquid samples in order to obtain a solid powder
  • Maximum evaporation rate of 3 L per hour
  • Temperature between 40 and 300 °C
  • Liquid sample flow: Maximum of 80 mL/min
  • Dry air flow: Maximum of 1.2 m3/min
  • Possibility to connect a solvent recovery system
  • Minimum mass of solid matter that can be treated: 0.5 g


  • Liquids
  • Sample volume that can be treated: 4.8 L per hour

Examples of applications

  • Recovery of silica particles (microspheres) in the form of fine powder
  • Solvent separation in order to recover nanoparticles in solid form
  • Final formulation of biomolecules produced by fermentation (antibiotics, organic acids, proteins, peptides, enzymes, bacteriocins, biopolymers, biosurfactants, etc.)
  • Final formulation of solid food products
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