Scanning electron microscope (Zeiss)

Scanning electron microscope (Zeiss)

Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model: EVO MA10


  • Magnification from 20X to 50 000X (under optimal conditions)
  • Resolution observation ranging from centimetres (cm) to nanometres (nm)
  • High-resolution images with three possible detectors (SE, BSD, VPSE)
  • Chamber that can accommodate 9 samples on racks
  • Possibility to increase resolution through sputter-coating (a 20 nm-thick layer of gold)


  • Environmental, such as wood fibre, grass, stone and rock, etc.
  • Metal, such as pieces of metal, anodes, powder, etc.
  • Biological, such as bacteria, yeasts, biofilms, etc.
  • Other samples available on request (membranes, nanoparticles, insects, electronics)

Examples of applications

  • Observing the integrity of samples following chemical, physical, or enzymatic treatment
  • Assessing the size of particles and powders
  • Analyzing the integrity of filtration membranes (liquid or gas)
  • Assessing the porosity of gas filtration organic membranes
  • Characterization of nanoparticles and nanomaterials
  • Observation of microorganisms and biofilm attached to surfaces (coating process)
  • Observation of microorganism surfaces (morphological analyses)
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