Microplate reader (absorbance, fluorescence, and bioluminescence)

Microplate reader (absorbance, fluorescence, and bioluminescence)

Manufacturer: BMG LABTECH


  • Microplate reader measuring absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence
  • Incubation up to 60 °C
  • Possibility to maintain CO2 levels in the read chamber below 5%
  • Integrated syringe injectors that can be used to deliver substrates, inhibitors, enzymes etc.
  • Possibility for continued reading at intervals ranging from every 20 milliseconds to several hours
  • Reading above and below each well
  • Reading covering excitation and emission simultaneously
  • Wavelength range of 240 to 900 nm (depending on the filters available)
  • Integrated control using comprehensive software


  • Liquid
  • Microplate analysis of 6 to 384 wells
  • Liquid delivery through injection of volumes between 5 and 350 µL (in 0.5 µL increments)

Examples of applications

  • Determining enzyme reaction dosage in continuous or intermittent mode
  • Determining the dosage for cell toxicity, proliferation, and viability tests
  • Determining the dosage of bioreactor cultivated algae content
  • Determining the dosage of ATP in cell extracts
  • Performing ELISA tests and immunoassays
  • Performing antioxidant assays
  • Determining the dosage of phosphorescent compounds
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