Thermogravimetric analyzer coupled with mass spectrometer (TGA-MS)

Thermogravimetric analyzer coupled with mass spectrometer (TGA-MS)

Manufacturer: Linseis (Germany)
Model: Custom


  • Furnace with a temperature range of up to 1 100 °C and a pressure range of up to 40 bar
  • Possibility to include conditions under high pressure
  • Analytic capacity in inert or corrosive atmospheres
  • Scale maximum capacity: 1 gram
  • Mass spectrometer (Omni Star) for gas analysis


  • Solid samples (ex: coal, polymers, silica nanoparticles, rubber, mixed matrix gas filtration membranes)
  • Semi-liquid samples (determining the water percentage)

Examples of applications

  • Analysis of changes in mass depending on temperature
  • Molecule or gas desorption percentage and mass spectrum identification
  • Identifying molecules or gas from thermal decomposition of solid matter
  • Pyrolysis of certain compounds
  • Measuring the proportion of water in solid and semi-solid matrices
  • Measuring the adsorption and absorption capacity of molecules to a surface
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