CNETE’s 25th Anniversary – 25 Years of Innovation!

CNETE’s 25th Anniversary – 25 Years of Innovation!

Shawinigan, June 7, 2018 – As part of its 25th anniversary, the CNETE has invited its entourage, partners and clients to a science-like cocktail party. The evening will be held in CNETE’s offices located at 5230, Royal Shawinigan Boulevard, inside the Innovation Centre of Société Laurentide, one of CNETE’s partners.


Unveiling of the CNETE’s new corporate image

After 25 years, the CNETE is getting a facelift. Its new corporate image, drawn from the Möbius strip, symbolizes both science and waste recovery, which are the main activities of the Applied Research Centre. The blue in the logo refers to its membrane filtration activities and the green to its environmental specialization. It is also the symbol of the partnerships that the CNETE creates with its industrial and institutional partners daily. The new image was created by Mario Vallée, from TAC TAC Espaces profitables. Smartic also helped the CNETE to have a more dynamic website.


Some twenty electric cars available to the public!

The CNETE decided to celebrate its 25th anniversary in a big way. An electric car test drive activity was organized by Roulons vert. Guests were given the opportunity to try out two Tesla models and some twenty electric cars on site.


Products that CNETE helped create featured

Guests were given the possibility to try some products developed with the help of the CNETE. Indeed, since 1993, the CNETE helped develop everyday products such as cheeses, non-alcoholic beers, probiotics and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The CNETE helps cities and business to transform their waste into energy and high-value-added products (pharmaceutical or others). It helps businesses to use bio-sourced products to replace chemicals, to recycle their chemicals or to solve compliance issues. It supports businesses such as Société Laurentide, Bionest Technologies and GDG Environnement in their various innovations.


Major economic developer

More than a research centre, the CNETE is actually a major regional economic developer in Mauricie. Indeed, with more than 75 active projects yearly in nearly 60 businesses, 75 high-skilled employees, nearly half of its annual budget dedicated to local businesses and revenues that have increased seven-fold in less than 10 years, one may say that the CNETE plays an active role in the region’s economic development. Moreover, it contributed to the local set up and development of innovative businesses such as Nemaska Lithium.


As part of the festivities, various spokesperson were present. Jacinthe Béland, Executive Director of the Shawinigan Chamber of Commerce, spoke as master of ceremony, followed by Michel Angers, Mayor of Shawinigan and Nancy Déziel, Executive Director of the CNETE.


Twenty-five years of innovation is worth celebrating!


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